Neman Family Tree

John Henry Neman
2nd child of Johann and Sophie Maria Neman

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John Henry Neman
b. 7-28-1877 in Mecklenburg, Germany
d. 3-14-1965
Buried: Steele Cemetery

– Married 12-30-1903

Lenora Franklin
Nora for short
b. 9-8-1880 in Tennessee
d. 3-25-1958 in Richardson County, Nebraska
Buried: Steele Cemetery
7 children: unnamed baby (m), Gladys (f),
John Allen (m), Millicent (f), Vernell (f),
Wilbert (m), Robert Loy (m)
Unnamed boy
5-29-1905 – 5-31-1905
Never married; no children
Gladys Marie (Neman) Tougaw
7-2-1906 – 1-31-1985
John Allen Neman
8-12-1908 – 4-17-1987
Lillian Millicent Neman
11-16-1910 – 9-23-1984
Never married; no children
Vernell Alice (Neman) Hogue
9-3-1913 – 12-28-2001
Wilbert Franklin Neman
2-2-1918 – 4-20-2012
Robert Loy Neman
b. 11-18-1921

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