Neman Family Photos

John and Nora Neman

John and Fred Neman,
July 16, 1942
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Nora's mother Alice Franklin,
c. 1945 at the Franklin fruit farm
Nora's brother Loy Franklin and
his wife Beryl, Easter 1946
Nora and John Neman, probably at their
50th wedding anniversary, c. 1953
John Neman, 1956
John Neman's 85th birthday, at the Koepke house, 1962.
Here's John with 5 of his children.
Back row: Robert Loy and Wilbert Neman
Front row: Millicent Neman, Vernell Hogue, John Neman, Gladys Tougaw
The next 2 photos are from the same event.
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Some of Nora's family:
Back row: Robert and Loy Franklin
and Erret Crouch
Front row: Loy's wife Beryl and
Erret's wife Anna
Back row: Robert Loy, Wilbert and
Millicent Neman
Front row: Gladys Tougaw, John
Neman and Vernell Hogue
The icing on the cake says,
"Happy Birthday DAD."

John and Nora Neman's section of the family tree

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