Neman Family Photos

Historic Photos

These are in chronological order. Where necessary,
I have made a guess as to the date. Feel free to send me corrections.

Ruth and June Macomber, c. 1929.
June became the wife of Wilbert Neman.
Cousins Jean Thompson and June Macomber,
riding Black Nell in July 1931.
Front and back of photo.
image image
Vernell (Neman) Hogue's
high school graduation photo, 1932
John and Fred Neman,
July 16, 1942
image image
Alice Franklin, mother of John
Neman's wife Nora, c. 1945
at the Franklin fruit farm
Loy and Beryl Franklin, Easter 1946.
Loy was a son of Alice, and John
Neman's brother-in-law.
Mary Eickhoff (family friend), Mary Neman, Fred Neman, John Neman.
Fred and Mary Neman's 50th wedding anniversary, March 23, 1947.
Fred and Mary Neman on their 50th wedding anniversary,
March 23, 1947. The lamps in the background were wedding gifts.
John Neman, Fred Neman, Mary Neman, Mary Eickhoff (family friend).
Fred and Mary Neman's 51st wedding anniversary, 1948.
Cora Macomber (June Neman's mother), Norma Lee and Don Hey (children of
June Neman's sister Helen), June Neman, Miles Macomber (June's father), Dick
Kilbury (son of June's sister Ruth), Ralph Kilbury (husband of June's sister Ruth),
June's sister Helen Hey holding Judy Neman, Robert Neman, June's sister Ruth
Kilbury, Davy Kilbury (son of June's sister Ruth), Wilbert Neman
May 1949
image image
Wilbert and June Neman with
Robert and Judy. Taken the
same day as the photo above.
Nora and John Neman,
probably at their 50th
wedding anniversary, c. 1953
Back row, standing: Nora, Mary and Millicent Neman, Minnie Koepke
Middle row: Wilbert, June, Nancy, Judy and Robert Neman,
Eddie Hogue, Clarence Koepke, John Neman
Front row: Gary (or perhaps Margie?), Shirley and Don Neman,
Frank Hogue, Robert Loy Neman
Summer 1955
image image
Summer 1955, presumably taken
the same day as the photo above.
June and Wilbert Neman with
their four children: Nancy (in June's
arms), Robert, Donald and Judy.
John Neman, 1956
image image
Wilbert and June Neman,
January 1961
Robert Neman, son of Wilbert
and June Neman, January 1961
Wilbert and June Neman's four children:
Judy, Donald, Robert and Nancy.
With Spot the dog, February 1961.
John Neman's 85th birthday, at the Koepke house, 1962
Back row: Robert Loy and Wilbert Neman
Front row: Millicent Neman, Vernell Hogue, John Neman, Gladys Tougaw
The following 4 photos are from the same event.
image image
Back row: Robert and Loy Franklin
and Erret Crouch
Front row: Beryl Franklin and
Anna Crouch
Back row: Minnie and Clarence Koepke
Front row: Fred and Mary Neman
image image
Back row: Judy, Nancy and
Donald Neman
Front row: June and Wilbert Neman
Back row: Robert Loy, Wilbert and
Millicent Neman
Front row: Gladys Tougaw, John
Neman and Vernell Hogue
The icing on the cake says,
"Happy Birthday DAD"
Gladys (Neman) Tougaw and her
brother Wilbert Neman, c. 1968
Minnie and Clarence Koepke, c. 1973
Frank and Vernell Hogue's 40th wedding anniversary
at Eddie and Carolyn Hogue's house in Dawson, 1973.
This is all six children of John and Nora Neman: Robert Loy,
Gladys Tougaw, Millicent, Vernell Hogue, John Allen and Wilbert.
The following three photos are from the same event.
image image
This photo was taken at the
same time as the one above.
This photo was amusingly titled
"Outlaws." Edna Mae and Mildred
Neman, Virgil Brackhahn, Frank Hogue,
June Neman, and Carolyn Hogue.
Back row: June, Edna Mae and Mildred Neman
Front row: Gladys Tougaw, Vernell Hogue, Leslie Brackhahn,
Millicent Neman, and Betty Brackhahn holding Susan Brackhahn
Mildred and John Allen Neman, John's brother
Wilbert Neman, Wilbert's wife June, February 1, 1976
June and Wilbert Neman's 50th wedding anniversary, June 1991.
June and Wilbert with all of their grandchildren.
Back row : Amy (March) Braden, Wilbert Neman, Darrell Neman,
David Neman, Douglas Neman
Middle row : Lynn (Neman) Beard, Rebecca Johnson, June
(Macomber) Neman, Daniel Neman
Front Row: Sarah and Christopher Johnson

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