Neman Family Photos

Fred and Mary Neman

John and Fred Neman,
July 16, 1942
Mary Eickhoff (family friend), Mary Neman, Fred Neman, John Neman.
Fred and Mary Neman's 50th wedding anniversary, March 23, 1947.
This is the original wedding party, so Mary Eickhoff was
presumably Mary Neman's Maid of Honor.
Fred and Mary Neman on their 50th wedding anniversary,
March 23, 1947. The lamps in the background were wedding gifts.
John Neman, Fred Neman, Mary Neman, Mary Eickhoff (family friend).
Fred and Mary Neman's 51st wedding anniversary, 1948.
John Neman's 85th birthday, at the Koepke house, 1962
Back row: Fred and Mary's daughter Minnie
with her husband Clarence Koepke
Front row: Fred and Mary Neman

Fred and Mary Neman's section of the family tree

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