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My name is Douglas Neman. My father is Robert L. Neman, whose father is Wilbert Neman, originally from Falls City, Nebraska. I maintain NemanFamily.org in my spare time.

My personal web site is www.spiritsspace.org.

Write me if you wish. (When e-mailing me, remove the letters "REMOVE_THIS_SPAM_BLOCKER" from the e-mail address.) Let me know of any additions, suggestions, or corrections.

This site

This web site is for the Neman family which has its roots in Falls City Nebraska, starting with John and Fred Neman in the late 1800s.

I started this site mainly to help my father. He has a collection of historic photographs, and he would bring them to every family gathering and pass them around. I finally took them from him and told him that we now live in the age of technology and there was an easier way to share them. I scanned them and started this web site.

Of course, once I did that, I couldn't just stop there, so I also began charting the family tree.

The brothers Fred and John Neman, patriarchs of the Neman family line beginning in Nebraska, is labeled Generation 1, with each successive generation of descendants numbered accordingly.

The parents of Fred and John Neman are labeled Generation G1 (G for Germany, the country from which they emigrated). Each successive generation going backward in time is numbered G2, G3, etc.

I have used the spelling Neman, even for ancestors whose names may sometimes have been spelled differently.

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